Cures What Ailes Ya

You have to love Roger Ailes.

Other than creating the fair and balanced Fox News network, consolidating a Republican party constituency by glad-handing the wealthy by promoting the idea of how tax breaks for the rich will help all and pandering to the social conservative with rhetoric about family values and religion via this network, single-handedly transforming the way news would be reported on TV, and making this ‘news’ network the highest rated enterprise in news and politics, he is also great with the ladies.

Here is a list of some of his Don Juan stylings:

  • Ailes allegedly coerced a young employee at the time (Laurie Luhn) into dancing in his hotel room wearing lingerie, then blackmailed her with video footage of her doing so

  • He allegedly convinced Luhn to “recruit” other female subordinates, which meant placing them in situations, such as an after-work meeting in his private office, where they would be vulnerable to his sexual entreaties

  • He allegedly demanded that Luhn “engage in sadomasochistic sex with another woman while he watched” on three different occasions

  • All of this was known by Fox News employees

There is actually way more if you just click here:

Due to these allegations (and the literally 25 other women that have come out of the woodwork to share their independent accounts of this Casanova), poor Roger Ailes had to resign as the head of his brainchild.

I am sure many of you think less of Roger Ailes after learning all of this. But I ask you: what the hell was he supposed to do?

I mean this is what he looks like:

And these are some of the women he was courting:

I mean he has zero chance with these women. Ailes is the personification of ‘swipe left’. If he was going to have any chance with them he had to go to extreme measures; aka bullying, throwing around power, offering plum jobs despite not being qualified, blackmail, maybe a pubic hair on a Coke ala the Honorable Clarence Thomas, and other general forms of harassment. He really had no other recourse.

Again, look at this guy!!

And let’s face it, these unorthodox tactics worked out well for him. Promoting moralistic values and slamming others who do not adhere to his high standards yet being the most dangerous form of sexual predator, and doing this for over 20 years….this has been a hell of a run. Sure, there is a bit of shame at the end of it all, but what is the true penalty? Loss of money? No. Jail time? No. Fox News losing the respect of their core fanbase? Hell no. Just a bit of egg on the jowls of ole’ Roger Ailes.

Maybe he isn’t so out of touch with reality after all?