Another One Running

Look who is running? Local boy and current governor of Washington Jay Inslee is running!

Now I have been pretty skeptical of many the candidates. Sure, some of the candidates I like (Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, even Bernie), but many belong as a senator and not a president. Now Inslee, he is someone I like. Here is why:

  • He is a governor, not a senator. What I mean by this is that he ran a state, which is far more like running a country than what a senator does. Also he doesn’t have that DC stink on him.

  • He ran this state in an economic boom. No one really knows how instrumental the governor is at such things, but this gives him a good leg to stand on.

  • Washington state is blue on the left, red on the right, and both sides like him. This has to do with economic growth throughout the entire state, but also due to his more centrist leanings. Yes, he is very pro-civil rights and such, but also doesn’t attempt to ban guns (just assault rifles, because he is not a retard).

  • He looks and talks the part.

  • He has a very pro-environmental stance that is used in hand with job growth. He has a record of using environmental laws and regulations with businesses where both seem to work. Or at least that is what he will claim.

Now as I say this, you wait, some weird sexual scandal can pop its ugly head out or he may have danced the lambada in black-face in grad school, or whatever. Who knows?

But for now, I think he is a fantastic candidate; embraces fundamental liberal ideals such as civil rights, climate change, and gun control without being a radical about it. I don’t count on a successful run because…well…he is not a media whore like that Cortez or Trump or from the East Coast or a ‘person of color’ (such an off-putting term huh….anyway…..). But trust me for now, until some bizarre thing comes out on him, Inslee is a man you should look at seriously.